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Gah! I’ve upgraded to 9.10; then on a subsequent reboot I was “slimming down my system” more on that later and have messed up “mountall” causing it to error on boot in standard and recovery mode. Won’t boot, not even to a console. Mountall error gives status 127 I’m sure I’m guilty of this but […]

Upgrade from Ubuntu Intrepid (actually Kubuntu) to Jaunty Jakelope, 9.04, including screenshots and solutions to errors encountered.

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Following a post at Ubuntu Forums I’ve managed to fix my flash sound (which has been broken for about 3 months). The bit that did it in the end was creating an /etc/asound.conf file (as root) with the following content.

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Solution to partially enable tabs in the Safari 4 beta over WINE on Linux. Other options are exposed and can be altered too, eg turning off Google suggest.

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Fixes for the glitches when attempting to run Safari 4 beta over WINE on Linux; information based on WINE HQ post by E A Durbin. Note that I’ve added details beyond what’s there making this a full solution, read on.

Mouse spins player instead of normal movement When I started Enemy Territory: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (ET:RTCW) everything came up fine but as soon as I entered a server to play an online game then the mouse would mess up. Basically any movement would cause the character on screen to spin / rotate / turn […]

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