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Quick install tip for Steam’s beta linux client on Ubuntu/Kubuntu AMD64 system. Installing Steam client Download linux installer Linux installer is available at; which gives me the steam_latest.deb (on 21 December 2012). Install package and dependencies So I run (bold commands are those entered, you shouldn’t need the first bit if you’re on a […]

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20 Nov, 2012

Install MSTTcorefonts in Kubuntu 12.10

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Having problems getting the msttcorefonts / ttf-mscorefonts-installer 3.4ubuntu3 package to complete the installation of the MS Corefonts? Try installing pdns-recursor! Worked for me.

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Details of my recent installation of a MFP from Epson on Kubuntu wirelessly. Epson – doing it right? My last printer was an Epson. The one before that too. Indeed I’ve had a string of Epson printers going back possibly to the first dot matrix I used at primary school. I’ve been largely happy with […]

Fotowall is a graphics application for creating simple mixes from multiple images with text manipulation and easy image transformation and combination; these post shows how to compile and install on [K]Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic).

OpenSong on Kubuntu Installing a free lyric projection software on Linux from scratch This is just a quick review of how I installed OpenSong on Kubuntu (the KDE version of Ubuntu) from scratch on a Windows XP (SP1) laptop. Install Kubuntu Install REALbasic using adept, alien and dpkg Compile / Install OpenSong Use …

Slackware Linux installation on an IBM Thinkpad 755CX is considered to be out-dated and will not be updated as of 2007-03-19 If you need to get Linux discs (CD, DVD) in teh UK then Cheep Linux (“the cheepest way to buy free software, lol!) and the Linux Emporium still appear to be operating, UseLinux was […]

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