Installing Fotowall from source Kubuntu 9.10graphics

Date: 16 Nov, 2009
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Fotowall is a graphics application for creating simple mixes from multiple images with text manipulation and easy image transformation and compiling. More information on the fotowall site or at

Update: note Fotowall is now available at as a .deb package.

Compiling fotowall from source on Ubuntu

Fotowall screenshot

Fotowall screenshot


Here’s what I needed to do to get it compiled (from a basic Kubuntu 9.10, although some of the installs may not be required as I tend to strip out build apps and things I don’t need):

  • sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev, in order to get uic-qt4 so that qmake would work; this installed about 20MB of dependencies
  • sudo apt-get install g++, in order to complete the make; this installed another c.20MB of dependencies

Download, extract and compile

Once that’s done download the tarball, then

  • tar xzvf ./fotowall-version.tar.gz
  • cd fotowall-version
  • qmake
  • make
  • ./fotowall

It works!

Well it worked for me your mileage might vary.

Alternative image editing applications?

If you’re looking for an alternative then you could do a lot worse than check out my 10 online image editiing applications post. One of the apps I reviewed was Picnik which hits a similar market area to Fotowall, is accessed entirely through your browser and is even offers a few more features.

2 Responses to "Installing Fotowall from source Kubuntu 9.10graphics"

Thanks, this worked for me on Ubuntu 9.10

Pariloto says:

Too bad it has so many bugs.. Anyway, i managed to get it worked so this is a good post from this point of view..


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