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St.Davids Day, 1 March 2011, is the national Saints day for Wales. “Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus!” simply transliteraties as “day saint David happy” and is the traditional greeting as you wave your daffodils and wolf down a few dozen welsh cakes. Happy St.Davids Day /Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus! Saint David’s Day Saint David’s Day St […]

Addressing whether it is fair to say that Haitians made a “deal with the devil” when they initiated the bloody revolution against their French oppressors.

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Lucid Dreaming books Books by Stephen LaBerge Lucid Dreaming books by other authors Other links and resources

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This story at Slashdot on emanation of visible-spectrum light from humans started a thread on haloes and raised suggestions about their pre-Christian origins. Here’s one of my replies with a little background research included. To avoid circular argument don’t quote me in Wikipedia, feel free to follow links and use sources found, and report back! […]

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09 Apr, 2009

Crocoducks, O RLY?

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A response to a YouTube videoin which QualiaSoup attacks a million straw-men and a also handles a few real arguments on evolution.

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19 Mar, 2009

Bible version trends

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As a follow on from “18 Bible translations across the literal-to-dynamic range” here’s a look at search trends over time showing the popularity of different for Bible versions over the last year.


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