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Why are their so many Bible translations, why is there even more than one (per natural language)? Presenting a range of 18 translations that cover the range of styles of translation from the most literal to the loosest. Followed by some examples from a few of the translations and finally links for further study.

19 Mar, 2009

Talking to yourself

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Do you talk to yourself? Be encouraged!

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Of course there’s (pay) and iCapture (free but groaning under the load!) … but I want a bit more control and a bit more speed. The latest effort appears to be (which is in Beta) which will be a distributed screen-cap program, as far as I can see. Looks great! Oh and there’s […]

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This confirms stuff on NASA site about dates of solar eclipses. There is another solar eclipse listed about 3 years later, but the path of full eclipse doesn’t pass over Jerusalem for that one! So, Jesus died on 24 November 0029 AD. Some sources (Christian writers) corroborate the partial collapse of Nicea due to the […]

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