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Frame Breaker WP plugin – here’s the WP plugin to break your site out of frame wrappers, it will remove your website from the frames of the Digg bar, Facebook,, etc.

Let people visit your site rather than be hijacked by Digg? Here’s how. All Digg links now are served within an IFRAME this code breaks out of the frames and leaves only your site there.

Trim your database size and speed up access time making your website faster by optimising your website (eg Wordpress blog) database.

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Is nofollow such a good idea? “Nonofo” isn’t a new word from the getto for a badass dude .. it’s a reflection of an idealogical response to the pervasive use of nofollow. WordPress (WP) based sites such as this one automatically apply nofollow to links in comments, etc., to avoid comment spamming.

It turns out it’s pretty simple. Log in to your dashboard (adminstrative system for WordPress). Click on Manage and then “edit” the post you want to unpublish. One of the boxes says “Post Status”, choose the “Draft” radio button, then “Save” as usual.

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