Nonofo? No nofollow for better site links?

Date: 21 Feb, 2009
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No, “nonofo” isn’t a new word from the getto for a badass dude .. it’s a reflection of an idealogical response to the pervasive use of nofollow.

WordPress (WP) based sites such as this one automatically apply nofollow to links in comments, etc., to avoid comment spamming. Sadly this also avoids some of the natural order of the internet in that the complexity of links that gives us “the worldwide web” is no longer naturally followed by search engines. This way some of the meaning of the web may be lost. The prime nodes are no longer flagged as such by the search engines and the true organic value of a particular resource is not properly reflected instead being altered according to the vagaries of the linkerati.

The backlash against comment spam, and it’s ilk, appears to have thrown the baby out with the bathwater – or at least some of baby’s toys.

So I’m trialling allowing follow, nonofo, links on this blog and we’ll see how things go. What will be the effect on visitors, link spam, comment rates, …

Links as of 2009-02-23 according to data from SEO Quake toolbar:
Yahoo 656; Google 121 (actual 116); Live 1220 (actual 250)

Links as of 2009-02-23 according to
Google PageRank™: 4/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 4,008,604
Incoming Google Links: 14
Incoming Yahoo Links: 558
Overall Incoming Links: 1,185 (Overlap is possible – Estimated 372 unique links)
Outgoing Links: 139 (Ratio: 0.101% – Each Link Receives Approx. 0.024 PR)

Update: 2009-03-23

google-webmaster-tools-settings_1237826205270Oops, I think I put indexed pages above instead of in-links, oh well, here are the current in-links. The discrepancy between links reported by Google and Google UK is interesting. Whilst this site is UK based (out of a data centre in Manchester, UK) it is not registered with Google as a UK based site in webmaster tools.

SEO Quake

Yahoo 855; 14 (actual), 23 (actual 22) ; Live 1290 (actual 976)


Google PageRank™: 4/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,192,000

Incoming Google Links: 15
Incoming Yahoo Links: 700
Overall Incoming Links: 727 (Overlap is possible – Estimated 465 unique links)
Outgoing Links: 171 (Ratio: 0.088% – Each Link Receives Approx. 0.020 PR)

Update: 2009-04-28

Not sure what I did, but it doesn’t look good! UrlTrends is reporting a PageRank of 0 [zero], though SEO Quake says it’s still 4.

SEO Quake Manual checks

SEO Quake wasn’t working quite right so I checked these directly.

Yahoo 913; 24 (actual), 28 (actual) ; Live 2550 (actual 406)


Google PageRank™: 0/10
Alexa Traffic Rank: 534,743

Incoming Google Links: 35
Incoming Yahoo Links: 879
Overall Incoming Links: 2,097 (Overlap is possible – Estimated 594 unique links)
Outgoing Links: 106 (Ratio: 0.330% – Each Link Receives Approx. 0.000 PR)

2 Responses to "Nonofo? No nofollow for better site links?"

The factors that are determinant in a website’s Alexa rankings apart from the data collected from the users of the Alexa toolbar are no where clearly mentioned. This somehow brings in a question of doubt and credibility issues as far as the Alexa rankings are concerned. However, even today the Alexa toolbar has the largest chunk in determining the ranking of a website.

Greg Deckers says:

I have to say, no nofollow can’t be done. It may indeed slow the natural backlinking down, but it makes sure that forum-spamming has no use..

It has to stay… :)


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