Frame Breaker: WordPress plugin removes Digg bar, etc.

Date: 07 Apr, 2009
Posted by: admin
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Please see the companion post for information and analysis of issues surrounding the Digg bar and details of howto do frame breaking.

Download the Frame Breaker WP plugin

Remove you website from Digg’s frames

Frame Breaker WP plugin (0.7), should be is now available as Frame Breaker from very soon.

As promised, here’s the WP plugin to go along with the post on removing the digg bar from your website.


This didn’t work for me initially as I’d forgotten that I had, for speed optimisation, removed “wp_head()” from being called in my header.php file. If you’ve done the same then refer back to the other post and simply paste in the code (or add the call to wp_head(); back as I have done here).

<?php wp_head(); ?>

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