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Updated 2010-10-18. Moving windows with keyboard shortcuts If your mouse is broken or your window has disappeared off-screen or for whatever reason … Windows Alt+Space, M, then use cursor keys, hit Enter to set position. Note that Alt+Space, X will maximise a window to fill the current viewport; useful if your window is completely off […]

Have you seen Piclens from Cooliris? It’s awesome. Actually came across this from watching >Click from the BBC – they arrogantly said “just install it” – so I thought, *huff* how good can it be. Well I’ve got news: it’s flapjacktastic!

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My Dad asked me how to edit a pdf. Here’s my response:

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Favourite Open Source Applications This is a quick list of some of my favourite applications, originally written in 2007. They are either free gratis or free libre or both; many are open source. If you don’t know what that means then all you do need to know is that you can safely use these without […]

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