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Date: 10 Mar, 2008
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piclens from coolirisHave you seen Piclens from Cooliris? It’s awesome. Actually came across this from watching >Click from the BBC – they arrogantly said “just install it” – so I thought, *huff* how good can it be. Well I’ve got news: it’s flapjacktastic!

Only downside is that it’s not yet out for Linux – I tried it on Windows Vista (FF version) on my new comp and it rocked my techy world! Also ran it in a VMWare Windows XP environment (FF again) on which it was a tad slow for me but still cool enough to use.

My next effort now is to use the information in the Gallery2 forums to enable Piclens on Barefoot Ceramics’s gallery. Code available from Suprsidr on FlashYourWeb.com.


It works. Go to a gallery and you can get the piclens view if you have the plugin installed. I simply followed the instructions to alter the template.tpl, album.tpl (in the $templateName/local/ folder) and piclensRss.php (in the gallery root) files.

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