Should AIs own ‘their’ intellectual property?

Date: 23 Nov, 2020
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Should DABUS hold a patent, can a monkey own a selfie, should #aisongcontest [5] songs be protected by copyright, how about DreamWrite’s AI written articles?

The UK government are currently having a Call For Views (CFV) on the relationship between AI and IP (Intellectual Property) — should AIs be allowed to own IP? A couple of UKIPO’s senior staff spoke about the background to the CFV recently on a podcast channel that previously interviewed the creator of DABUS, an AI that applied for a patent.

There is a summary of the CFV questions on AI & IP, if you’re a creator then these issues may directly affect you.

Also presently the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) currently have an online exhibition on the subject of AI & IP.

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Declaration: I work for a party involved but this post was made by me individually without solicitation or consent from my employer who I do not represent here.

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