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Should the AI, DABUS, hold a patent, can a monkey own a selfie, should #aisongcontest songs be protected by copyright, how about DreamWrite’s AI written articles?

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Couple of 3D modelling tech snippets that interested me this week. Into the 3rd dimension Model your world using your camera I saw Photosynth‘s revamp a couple of days ago and found it really interesting (Microsoft doing something innovative, yay!). Photosynth lets you upload photos to make a range of different “synths” from panoramas to […]

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Digikam can’t yet store metadata in video files so instead one can create a thumbnail file and store the metadata in that. Digikam uses exiv2 and this feature is apparently imminent. Here’s my find command to create a bordered thumbnail image: find . -iregex “.*\.\(mov\|avi\|mpg\|mp4\|mpeg\)$” -fprint0 ~/find-video-thumb-$(date +%s).log -exec convert ‘{}[2]’ -bordercolor Red -border 10%x0 […]

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A regular computer users guide to backup in 2012: Clearly the answer lies in the cloud. That for most purposes means using one of Amazons backup services via a proxy service. We look at some of the most popular services priced from free and up.

In the 1950s the US government, or at least its agents, experimented with drugs. The following are a series of sketches made by an artist after the application of two doses of LSD 25.

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repos for the latest Kdenlive, non-linear video editor, for Ubuntu (or variants like Kubunut, Xubuntu, etc.) then you can use their official ppa

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