Making 3D models from photos

Date: 09 Jan, 2014
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Couple of 3D modelling tech snippets that interested me this week.

Into the 3rd dimension

Model your world using your camera

I saw Photosynth‘s revamp a couple of days ago and found it really interesting (Microsoft doing something innovative, yay!). Photosynth lets you upload photos to make a range of different “synths” from panoramas to walkthroughs to rotating models and such.

one type of Photosynth is the well-known stitched panoramastitching images to make a photosynth

Get your head (and body) in the game

Then this from Nikon popped up on Digg today – a system to add your body model to a game by taking ~64 pictures simultaneously and producing a 3D model in a couple of hours of processing time.

64 cameras used to make a 3D body model

Ostensibly they’re doing the same thing; producing 3D models from a series of photos.

Add in 3D printing and what have you got?

Just last week I was looking at this video of laser sintering. Combine those two technologies and it’s not going to be long before you can directly order (you can probably do it now for a hefty price) a replica 3D model of anything that you can take a few pics of with your smartphone : really interested to see how that pans out.

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