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Privacy, cookies and data protection

This is all very complicated, technically and legally. Basically we do our best to be nice to you, we’re not trying to do your over in any way and are as conservative as possible with your data. We use the services of large companies because they help us to tell more people about this site, which we think is a good thing, and because we believe it adds to your experience of our website.

If you use this website without disabling cookies we take this as [implied] consent that you wish to use the website in the form presented. This is in concordance, as far as we can tell, with ICO guidance issued in May 2012.

What is a cookie

A cookie is a small piece of text stored on a computer to retain data across different usage sessions. Cookies can be used to associate a particular device with particular actions across a website or on third-party sites.

Our cookie use

At present we use cookies only as part of our use of third-party services for analytics and advertising.


We use Google Analytics to provide us with information about the location, devices and access of users. This enables us to ensure that this website is targeted well and providing a continued useful experience. For example we can see how quickly a user leaves a page (“bounce rate”) and thus infer whether users are getting useful information from the site. This tied with personal interactions with our staff allows us to focus our meagre resources when we make changes to the website. For details of cookies that Google set for analytics purposes please see (address confirmed correct as of May 2012). Google provide an opt-out browser add-on to prevent them gathering data about your visit to websites using their services.

Advertising and media websites

On limited locations on our website we provide advertising links from Amazon and/or Google and possibly other advertising networks too.

Social networking badges used on this site may or may not be associated with cookies, we leave this for you to confirm and take appropriate action. Such sites include Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus.

YouTube sets a cookie every time you interact with their service. We do not currently use YouTube or other video providers on our site but may well do so in the future.

Removing, disabling cookies

The website AllAboutCookies, amongst others, provides information about deleting and/or disabling the ability to set cookies for most current browsers. We can not provide information or assistance with this. Contact your device supplier or service provider for information.

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Any link from this website to an other should not be considered an endorsement, warranty or indication that content on that site is suitable for any purpose implied or otherwise. We have no control over external websites and content can and is changed on a regular basis. You should exercise your own caution and take proper precautions. We accept no responsibility for any harm or detriment – for example a virus, malware or other software causing your device or person harm – from viewing any external site.

Personal information, data and such

We provide no personal identity information to any other party except with your explicit and informed consent. We store contact details that you give us securely to ensure they can not be accessed by third parties without your consent.

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