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20 Feb, 2009

I have a great idea …!

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Ideas are a dime a dozen, it is all about execution. – Neil Patel, Quick Sprout blog It’s not a new concept, particularly having worked in the UKIPO (the then Patents Office for the United Kingdom) but Mr Patel carries some force of knowledge as a successful venture capitalist. I’ve been drawn to a few […]

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Fresh from installing Fontmatrix 0.5.0 from SVN and it’s rocking my socks. It ticks nearly all, if not all, the boxes as far as what I need from a font manager. Here are a couple of screenshots (from KDE 4.2 beta on Kubuntu) showing some of the innovative features implemented. [Details on compiling at the end].

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So you’ve just loaded up Wordpress, Textile, Blogger or whatever, grabbed a default template and now you want to mark the site as your own … add some funky backgrounds.

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