I have a great idea …!

Date: 20 Feb, 2009
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Ideas are a dime a dozen, it is all about execution.

Neil Patel, Quick Sprout blog

It’s not a new concept, particularly having worked in the UKIPO (the then Patents Office for the United Kingdom) but Mr Patel carries some force of knowledge as a successful venture capitalist. I’ve been drawn to a few of his posts recently from across the web and thought it worth flagging them here:

The reason that quote resonates so well with me is that so many times, as a Patent Examiner, I saw ideas repeated that simply never made it to market. The inventors had the inspiration, thought “no one is doing this”, and so concluded wrongly that it was novel.

I’m kinda thinking the same – this idea could be my Next Big Thing (TM) or maybe not. Exciting times.

I have a great idea!

I have an idea. I’m working on it at the moment – with 2 other businesses to run and a pregnant wife and child at home it’s proving a little hard to find the time. Now I’m great at ideas (IMO) but not execution, but I’m hoping this one will come through with or without outside investment. Watch this space.

Currently I’m aiming to get an alpha of this web service up and running so I can pull someone else on board and maybe an Angel for some funding. Trying not to get bogged down in the niceties and push on through to a working site.

OK, that kiln ain’t going to fire itself. Less blog, more do …

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