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Perfume might work but DEET or Lemon repellants work better. Overall, the results from this study confirm that DEET repellents are the most effective mosquito repellents in the market. Although, based on the results from this study, a lemon-eucalyptus oil containing p-menthane-3,8-diol has similar efficacy compared with DEET repellents.But DEET and Lemon based products are […]

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04 Sep, 2014

Baby slings experience and advice

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Advice and experience with a baby sling. Using a baby sling My experience of slinging We had a huggababy sling that was great for us. However there are about a million different slings, approximately, so I’d suggest you find a “sling library” and try a few out. Usually the people running it will sell the […]

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How to extract web history information from an Android device. Phone internet browser History, URLs, Cookies, etc. Unauthorised use of my wife’s phone led me to wanting to see which sites had been accessed. So I thought it best to put what I’d learnt in to a quick blogpost on how to extract information from […]

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The subject of school attendance in England was raised by a friend via this petition to reverse recent school attendance legislation changes. Making sense of the law The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 As of 1 September 2013 a new piece of legislation has become law in England (but not Wales, nor Scotland, as […]

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List of links, I’ll add detail if/when I’ve checked them out. Comments & additions welcome. Programming-like games Learning to program computers These are logic puzzles, games and similar activities that may be appropriate as a way of learning the mindset of a programmer, or actual programming. Particular useful for inspiring children to think logically, consider […]

Wherein I opine about the recent horsemeat scandal in the UK. Horsemeat in our burgers! So what? A scandal has broken recently about various companies, many companies, being found to have horsemeat in their beef products [primarily]. There has also been some concern about contamination of other meats with pork or beef which some don’t […]

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