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If you’ve lost your star button used to make a bookmark in Firefox then here’s how to find it. Edit: similar issue with Win XP. Firefox bookmarks star is missing Where’s it gone!? I’m in the process of uploading a video howto but for now … [see end of post] Learn your hotkeys! It really […]

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Details of my recent installation of a MFP from Epson on Kubuntu wirelessly. Epson – doing it right? My last printer was an Epson. The one before that too. Indeed I’ve had a string of Epson printers going back possibly to the first dot matrix I used at primary school. I’ve been largely happy with […]

If you’re being bugged by the kres-migrator wanting to move your resources over to akonadi, but like me are not using the KDE PIM apps (KMail, KOrganizer, KContactManager, KPilot, etc.) then here’s what to do.

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I’m trying to edit a small clip from a larger program, add titling and post to YouTube. The clip is a section of TV program called Best of Friends and shows a pottery challenge throwing a pot on the potters wheel at Barefoot Ceramics. Anyway, FOSS linux apps I’m auditioning (at least I think they’re […]

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