Turn off Akonadi on KDE4

Date: 14 Oct, 2009
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If you’re being bugged by the kres-migrator wanting to move your resources over to akonadi, but like me are not using the KDE PIM apps (KMail, KOrganizer, KContactManager, KPilot, etc.) then here’s what to do.

Prevent akonadi running at boot

Open a terminal (Alt+F2: “Konsole”, for example) and enter the following string:

kwriteconfig –file kres-migratorrc –group Migration –key Enabled –type bool false

That should fix it. It does for me.


From what I can tell this is a way to get KDE to write “false” next to the “enabled” option under “migration” in a file called kres-migratorrc. If you want to use Akonadi and/or the kres-migrator later you’ll probably want to reenable either by editing that file or using:

kwriteconfig –file kres-migratorrc –group Migration –key Enabled –type bool true

Thanks to The Liquidator.

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