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Fotowall is a graphics application for creating simple mixes from multiple images with text manipulation and easy image transformation and combination; these post shows how to compile and install on [K]Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic).

How to configure the quicklaunch plasmoid (aka widget) so as to fix a problem with missing icons and other issues.

Recap of: “KDE4 built-in screencast for desktop recording“. A little while ago I made a post about how to get video screen captures of KDE4 via the built in screencast features of Kwin, well having tried with the “captury” format screen captures a few times and following a tip-off I’ve decided it’s actually infinitely easier […]

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Record your desktop [I’ve written elsewhere about video screen capture (a.k.a. screencast) applications. This is KDE4 specific.] If you’re using KDE4 and have found the screencast feature ( System Settings > Desktop > [All Effects] : Video Record) you’re probably wondering how to play the files it produces. By default (during your KDE4 session) when […]


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