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19 Mar, 2009

Bible version trends

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As a follow on from “18 Bible translations across the literal-to-dynamic range” here’s a look at search trends over time showing the popularity of different for Bible versions over the last year.

Why are their so many Bible translations, why is there even more than one (per natural language)? Presenting a range of 18 translations that cover the range of styles of translation from the most literal to the loosest. Followed by some examples from a few of the translations and finally links for further study.

I came across a post from, a creationist website, that describes what they call “Progressive Creationism“. One of the characteristic beliefs of a Progressive Creationist apparently is that: Death and bloodshed have existed from the very beginning of creation and were not the result of Adam’s sin. Man was created after the vast majority […]

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01 Jan, 2000

Some Bible resources

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Various resources for Bible study: is an alliance of Christian ministries apparently – however it’s most useful features include modern, ie new and relevant, study information and commentaries / devotionals alongside a large range of Bible translations which are also accessible as the Bible Gateway. World Wide Study Bible, this one is actually from […]

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