Admin Links Plus WP sidebar widget

Enhanced version of Admin Links called “Admin Links Plus” (ALP) a wordpress sidebar widget to present login/logout, edit and other admin function links in a widget plugin. It builds on the work of kdmurray.

Admin Links Plus wordpress sidebar widget

See for download.

I’ll enter info here as questions come in.

What the ALP plugin does

ALP is basically a widget to provide edit links (“edit this page”, “edit this post”, and other admin links according to the selected options, when an admin user is logged in. When not logged in you’re presented with a login form which logs you in and bounces you back to the current page.


ALP logged-in editing a page

ALP logged-in editing a post

logged-in editing a page

logged-in editing a page

Admin Links Plus screenshot: logged-out

Admin Links Plus screenshot: logged-out

Installing and setting options

You install it by unzipping the download file into a plugins directory or subdirectory.

Then in the admin area of yoru site you go to “plugins” and activate the ALP plugin.

Finally you go to Appearance > Widgets and add ALP to one of your widget areas. Finally you need to “edit” the widget to enable the different links (such as “edit this post”) which will then appear in the widget area when you’re visiting your site.

The login form only shows for logged-out users if the “loginout” option is checked.


Any problems please comment here. Suggestions for enhancements gratefully received – this is my first WP Plugin, go easy on me!


License used is CC-BY-SA 3.0. Note that no license information was found for the original and so it assumed to be public domain but you should check and be sure for yourself that you are legally allowed to use this software in your jurisdiction.


Whilst we’re waiting for SVN access, here’s ALP as used on this site: admin-links-plus-sidebar-widget (download the ALP plugin).


Useful plugin? Go on, buy me a treat I promise I’ll share it with the kids!

— recommended donation £2 / $3 / €2.5

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borisa says:

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Do you mind if I do so?
Please let me know!!!
Borisa Djuraskovic

admin says:

That’s not my plugin, sorry.

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