Data recovery service

Recovering photos and files from portable drives

USB sticks, SD cards and similar

  • Washed your USB stick?
  • Camera decided to eat your family photos?
  • Pendrive refusing to give you back the essay you just finished?

We offer a simply pay on recovery data service for non-sensitive domestic data.

Arrangements are currently made by email to UK addresses only.

  1. Email us with details of your recovery needs.
    We’ll respond with a cost and estimation of the ability to recover your photos, files or whatever is on the “disk”.
  2. On agreeingĀ  a price an administration charge will be made. This is non-refundable.
    This can be paid by PayPal which allows you to use a credit or debit card without making an account if you wish.
  3. When you receive our confirmation you ship the device to us, registered post or a tracked service of your choice. We use ParcelForce.
    Items must be packed in bubble-wrap or a jiffy-bag style envelops and placed in a rigid box.
  4. On receipt an assessment will be made that includes any thing that looks like damage in transit; all transit loses are the responsibility of the data device owner.
  5. Our IT wizards will make every effort to recover your data.
  6. Data can be uploaded to a cloud based service, returned on a new HDD or USB3 drive.
    We don’t recover to SD card due to device incompatibility issues.
  7. Devices can then be securely overwritten and/or returned with your new data device.
    We can not guarantee that a working device will still work after recovery; thus the original device can not be used to return your data.

We use data security practices to ensure that your data is always safe. We don’t pass any data, neither customer details nor recovered data, on to any third parties without your express permission.

Not all data can be recovered.

We do not recover business data. Please do not send devices which have been used in government or business secure locations as we open ourselves up to accusations of unauthorised data access if we recover files on such devices.

Costs for recovery

We are currently updating our service documents to take account of changes in drive size and prices for new devices. Please feel free to email us for these details.

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