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Should the AI, DABUS, hold a patent, can a monkey own a selfie, should #aisongcontest songs be protected by copyright, how about DreamWrite’s AI written articles?

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01 May, 2011

On ebook copies, a quick opinion

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Initial musings on UK copyright law in response to a piece of the negatives of ebook readers. On ebook copies A quick opinion I came across this statement in a comment attached to a post about reasons not to buy an ebook reader. 3. Software upgrades or obsolesence could force you to buy your library […]

So can I take someone else’s hard work from Wikipedia – though it’s probably lots of peoples light work – and paste it into Google’s Knol, add some adwords and make a huge steaming pile of cash? Not likely. From Wikipedia, GFDL (Text of the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)): “You may copy and distribute […]


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