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Reducing HTTP requests by combining CSS files. @media in CSS how to combine CSS files So Google suggests to me that I combine my CSS files to save HTTP requests. How to do that? Joining print and normal stylesheets It’s quite easy when you have separate stylesheets (CSS) for print and regular styles to combine […]

So, what would it take to rank for Juan Corbett’s name? Perhaps having a Hacker News profile of juancorbett or maybe making an email address for would do it?

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“Die Digg-Bar Die, Die! (or Should You Kill the Digg Bar on Your Website)” – It took about 10 days from completion for SEOmoz to publish this post. In the meantime Digg altered the behaviour of the Digg-bar to be a little better for SEO.

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This is something I’ve been seeing a lot recently so I checked with the docs before claiming to know the canonical position. Adding a trailing slash to domain addresses If you’re linking to the domain, what do you put in your link anchors href? You should put href=”” and not href=”“. Why?

Is nofollow such a good idea? “Nonofo” isn’t a new word from the getto for a badass dude .. it’s a reflection of an idealogical response to the pervasive use of nofollow. WordPress (WP) based sites such as this one automatically apply nofollow to links in comments, etc., to avoid comment spamming.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t the end of the story, once you get the visitors then you need to convert them to customers, don’t forget the landing page optimisations!


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