Great SEO but suboptimal selling …

Date: 20 Jan, 2009
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SEO ain’t all there is to it

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t the end of the story, once you get the visitors then you need to convert them to customers, don’t forget the landing page optimisations.

Just happened across Hobo Web a design, advertising and SEO firm in Scotland who claim, and making a good claim, to be one of the best in Scotland.

Their SEO is undoubtedly good – second hit for “best SEO [in] Scotland” isn’t all that easy to come by after all. But check out this page. Perhaps they were having a bad day, comments were closed so I whipped this up:

Call to action – but where’s the action

At the bottom of hte page is a call to action, but where’s the big “push to buy” button – the text almost cries out for it – “we have a Gold, Silver & Bronze (budget) pricing solution that suits firms of any size” they say. Well where are the big Gold, Silver and Bronze buttons. One gets to the end of the pitch and then where do you go? There is no link on that page to get details on these packages nevermind to buy one.

Why bother pitching it up if you’re not going to give your customers a bat to hit it with? SEO is all very well but it’s not the end of the story, once you’ve won a visitor to your site then your need to convert them to your cause whether that means getting them to buy your stuff or buy in to your message.

Landing page optimisation in a nutshell

In a nutshell if you really want to convert visitors to customers you have to be big, brash, bold and not afraid of ruining your design! These guys cover the basics on optimising landing pages and why landing page optimisation can be better than SEO (for ROI) so I don’t have too …

Just a thought.

Oh and Shaun if you read this, don’t worry I’m in Wales so I’m not going to steal any of your link juice (or clients).

6 Responses to "Great SEO but suboptimal selling …"

bob says:

OK wise guy, so how come your site sucks so much?

Hobo says:

How Very Dare You! :)

1. I can’t believe you’re on about buttns for a call to action, I’ve been meaning to add buttons on the sales pages (or banner) since before xmas :) – I believe you are right on this one.

2. Call to action, we had a form at the bottom of this page until about 2 weeks ago but it was getting spammed silly so I took it off until my developer has a chance to add a hidden field or something to it.

Hold my hand up, regarding converting more customers – you’re right. Fortunatley lack of sales is not not something we have a problem with at the moment.

Keep an eye on the blog though those buttons will be going up. I’m considerg a whole redesign but at the moment we’re just too busy.

A the best.


Hobo says:

PS – You could have gave me some better anchor text at least! lol :)

admin says:

Yes couldn’t I just .. you did say you didn’t need the work.

Have you pinged this to Ice Rocket?

admin says:

Nope, not really sure how but am checking IceRocket out now. Thanks for the tip


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