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Date: 01 Jan, 2000
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Various resources for Bible study:

  • is an alliance of Christian ministries apparently – however it’s most useful features include modern, ie new and relevant, study information and commentaries / devotionals alongside a large range of Bible translations which are also accessible as the Bible Gateway.
  • World Wide Study Bible, this one is actually from CCEL but deserves a special mention. Brilliant resource for preparing Bible studies for use at your homegroup / cell group or whatever. It lists each book of the Bible, follow the link and eg. under Phillipians it list links under the headings “About, Scripture, Commentary, Sermons, Expository Outlines, Article References, More Scripture”. Just useful and not to dense to access.

So there you go. I’m not about to suggest that you throw out all your books and just use these resources, far from it, but these can be great for matching up what you’ve got with the wisdom of others and more importantly with the wisdom of The Lord as expressed in the Holy Bible.

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