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Date: 19 Mar, 2009
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As a follow on from my last post on the 18 Bible translations across the literal-to-dynamic range here’s a look at Google Trends for Bible translations over the last year.

Bible search trends

Bible version search trends

This graph shows Bible version trends in Google searches over the period April 2008 to March 2009. The search made was "Revised Standard Version"|RSV bible,"new american standard bible"|nasb,"New Living Translation"|nlt bible,"New American Bible"|nab bible,"the message" bible. Note that the NIV is most popular but has been left out as it is about 5 times as popular as the NASB in Google’s trend data. This means this graph is more concerned with the also rans however other translations mentioned in the “18 versions” post had decidely lower rankings and so were excluded so you can consider these as positions 2-6 in Bible version popularity stakes.

“revised standard ve…
“new american standa…
“new living translat…
“new american bible”…
“the message” bible

2 Responses to "Bible version trends"

Peggy Watson says:

Why is there no mention of King James or New King James which are translations too? You state that NIV is most popular…more popular than King James? I’m interesed because I’m about to teach a class on Bibe Translations. Thank you.

admin says:

It was a simple comparison of some of the Bible versions from my previous “18 versions” post.

As you note the KJV gets more Google interest in the US, the NKJV is on a par with The Message in the US. You need to realise that Google trends is only looking at searches and not anything else. Personally as translators deprecate the KJV I find it is a poor tool for Bible study, having several obvious errors in translation.


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