KDE quicklaunch configuration

Date: 09 Nov, 2009
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How to configure the quicklaunch plasmoid (aka widget) so as to fix a problem with missing icons and other issues.

KDE4 operating system.desktop files in kde4

First it seems that the quicklaunch keeps a link to several desktop files – the desktop icons and quicklaunch configuration are pretty opaque really but I do like the idea that kickoff (application menu) items, quicklaunch icons and desktop icons all share a common pool of files that are simply linked elsewhere. This means that searches in the K menu (application menu) will find .desktop files (application launching files) that aren’t actually in the menu.

Quicklaunch config

quick launch icons

quick launch icons

Anyway, I digress. The files appear to be from /home/$USER/.local/share/applications/ , where $USER is your user login name. Thus by opening /home/alicious/.local/share/applications/firefox.desktop and altering the Icon= line directly I was able to update the icon pointed to from the quicklaunch. It didn’t resolve immediately but a logout-login cycle fixed it up for me.

I searched on linuxquestions, ubuntuforums and forums.kde.org and couldn’t find this info so hope it helps.

Example firefox.desktop file

This is the file as fixed:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment[en_US]=Browse the World Wide Web
Comment=Browse the World Wide Web
Exec=firefox -ff-profile %u
GenericName[en_US]=Web Browser
GenericName=Web Browser
Name[en_US]=Firefox Web Browser (3.5)
Name=Firefox Web Browser (3.5)

Happy to receive questions in the comments as long as you’re not expecting a perfect answer ;0)>

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4 Responses to "KDE quicklaunch configuration"

Бегг says:

да,но это еще и не все…

Pariloto says:

I had this issue long time ago but i managed to solve it just with the format option.. this would have saved me a lot of time if i knew about it then..

Chris says:

KDE on Debian Squeeze (6.0.1) keeps the quicklaunch files in ~/.kde/share/config/plasma-desktop-appletsrc. Scroll down till you find the iconUrls= line, make your adjustments there, then restart KDE.

Many of the desired applets are located in /usr/share/applications and /usr/share/applications/kde4. For example, if you wanted iceweasel instead of the default konqueror, edit the iconUrls to contain –
(Each applet is separated by commas.)

Edit: Chris informed us that there was a typo, corrected.

admin says:

Thanks for your comment and correction.


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