some methods of capturing browser windows

Date: 05 Sep, 2005
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Of course there’s (pay) and iCapture (free but groaning under the load!) … but I want a bit more control and a bit more speed. The latest effort appears to be (which is in Beta) which will be a distributed screen-cap program, as far as I can see. Looks great! Oh and there’s lixlpixel too … (which only has a few browsers).

Then there are various kde based options:

* ksnapshot
* gimp

Then command line options:

* import (part of ImageMagick)- “import -window root screenshot.png”
* xv -grabdelay 2 myimage.jpg
* fbgrab filename.png
* scrot
* xwd (X Window Dump) and xwud or gimp to convert the resulting file to a readable format!


Using imagemagick […] import -window root screenshot.png

Using xv […] xv -grabdelay 2 myimage.jpg


Framebuffer Console

fbgrab filename.png


ksnapshot lets you with ease grab a screenshot of your desktop or a single window.


scrot is a small (66 kB) screen shot grabber


xwd can dump screenshots to .xwd files the only programs I found capable of opening it were Gimp and xwud

* GIMP “File: Acquire: Screen Shot” tool
* xpaint
* MagiCapture (requires ImageMagick)
* Captura (proprietary)
* Screen-Shooter (GNOME; requires ImageMagick)
* “xwd | display -” or “sleep 10; xwd -root > dump”
* KSnapshot (KDE)
* fbshot (for framebuffer)
* fbgrab (for framebuffer)
* import (in ImageMagick)
* Electric Eyes (GNOME; aka “ee”)
* EasyCopy (proprietary)
* scrot
* “cat /dev/vcs4 > screenshot” for virtual consoles (root user)
* snapscreenshot for virtual consoles (root user— unmaintained)
* TiLP
* vcsadump (for virtual consoles)
* XScreenCapture
* xsnap
* Shutterbug
* xv (proprietary)
* Wink (proprietary, x86-only) – expired

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