Slackware Linux installation on an IBM Thinkpad 755CX

Date: 01 Jan, 2000
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Slackware Linux installation on an IBM Thinkpad 755CX is considered to be out-dated and will not be updated as of 2007-03-19

If you need to get Linux discs (CD, DVD) in teh UK then Cheep Linux (“the cheepest way to buy free software, lol!) and the Linux Emporium still appear to be operating, UseLinux was down for maintenance at the time of writing.

Slackware Linux on IBM Thinkpad 755 cx

This page gives details about installing Slackware on a TP 755 cx and also links for general Slackware, Thinkpad and Linux information. I’ve also added a section on getting hold of Linux CD’s in the UK.

When I get ’round to fixing my X-windows I’ll add a page here about my experiences …

I just started this page on 10 December 2002. Apologies that it’s not looking slick yet. I’m using this as a kickstart to a new fully fledged site design for my whole site … I’m hoping to start looking for IT jobs again soon. :0)>

The computer

An IBM Thinkpad 755cx which I purchased second hand some 3+ years ago. It has a built in Mwave modem (broken?), 540MB hdd, floppy drive and all the usual ports.

The distroA distro is a distribution that contains the Linux kernel along with associated applications, popular distros include Mandrake, Slackware, RedHat/Fedora, Suse, etc.

I chose Slackware for no particular reason except that I read on a few discussion boards that it wasn’t newbie friendly (I like a challenge) and that someone had used it on a Thinkpad 755. Oh, yeah and I could easily get it on my comp using floppies. Version 8.1 is the latest.

Where can I get Slack (and other Linux distros) in the UK?

Well, funny you asked that! I got my copy from, the proprietor was most helpful and appears to be providing the discs out of love for Linux — I can’t see how he’d make a profit unless he has a huge CD generating capacity already.

Your best source for up to date distributions is the internet site, usually They usually have a list of FTP mirrors that you can spend a few weeks trying to get an ISO off – if like me you have 56K dialup. You could get a friend to download a copy. Or you could borrow a copy – remember this is open source and most of it is free-as-in-beer (eg GNU GPL) so you can print as many copies as you like – check the licences first and if in doubt e-mail the support guys for your distro.

Alternatively, try one of the following sites (none of whom sponsor me), I can only vouch for though.

  • Good basic site, limited set of distros, payment by paypal,nochex, postal orders, etc.. Mr Wellstead seems like a nice bloke – any chance of a commission? Knoppix 3.1 comes to 3 with p&p.
  • – appears to be the most expensive of this pick. Knoppix 3.1 comes to 7.98 with p&p.
  • – no comments really. Knoppix 3.1 comes to 4.50 with p&p.

Linux application downloads

The following is a brief list of some application download locations that I have found interesting/useful. There’s a lot of such sites.

  • – ice-walker, get it? [penguins!]; anyway, this site has a nice structure and a pretty good selection of apps. They are sorted by, err, well, application!

General Slackware places

This should get you up and Slacking. Note that, I don’t think this is obvious, the link on the main Slackware page to “book” is a link to the sites documentation.

Linux on Thinkpad places

I’ve used all the following at some stage during the 2 week process of getting my Thinkpad up and running; most of these are for the older TP systems:

General Thinkpad places

General information about the Thinkpad, not necessarily Linux stuff:

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