mountall error status 127

Date: 03 Nov, 2009
Posted by: admin
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Gah! I’ve upgraded to 9.10; then on a subsequent reboot I was “slimming down my system” more on that later and have messed up “mountall” causing it to error on boot in standard and recovery mode. Won’t boot, not even to a console.

Mountall error gives status 127

I’m sure I’m guilty of this but I wish people would say “I don’t know” when they have no clue what they’re talking about¬†.

This has absolutely nothing to do with X windows.

The system is failing to mount the drives properly (access the hard drive partitions) – the only fix I’ve seen is to use a rescue disk (your Kubuntu install disk will do). Then:

  • chroot from the disk to your broken root partition,
    e.g. “sudo mkdir /media/sda1; sudo mount -t auto /dev/sda1 /media/sda1; chroot /media/sda1” (depends on your setup, use “fdisk -l /dev/sda” if you’re not sure of your root partition, could be on sdb, sdc, sdd too) and
  • complete the “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade”.

YMMV, sorry.

Bug report:
Ubuntu forums: (solution) , (no solution as of now)

chroot gotcha

If you get an “exec format error” when you’re trying to use chroot, as in the above fix, then it’s likely because you’re using a rescue disk from a different architecture (e.g. i386 rescue disk on x86-64 system, or whatever). You’ll need to fix that in teh obvious way.

2 Responses to "mountall error status 127"

Ignacio says:


The problem is that when i do chroot /media/sda1 I loose the dns and i am not able to upgrade anything even if I try configure manually the dns.

Do you have another solution to this problem ?
can I upgrade from a cd?

admin says:

@Ignacio, you /can/ used apt-get or aptitude or whatever to create a lsit of packages that need to be upgraded then switch pack to your default root, get those packages and place them below your chroot, then switch to your chroot and then upgrade… Unfortunately for me the upgrade put me in a spiral of upgrades that never resulted in a completely working system. It would have been better to cut my losses and simply reinstall earlier, as that’s what happened in the end. Sorry not to respond sooner, hope you got it sorted.


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