Spinning on the spot in Wolfenstein?!

Date: 17 Aug, 2008
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Mouse spins player instead of normal movement

When I started Enemy Territory: Return to Castle Wolfenstein (ET:RTCW) everything came up fine but as soon as I entered a server to play an online game then the mouse would mess up. Basically any movement would cause the character on screen to spin / rotate / turn around on the spot without being able to look up and down. The games pretty tricky if you can’t look up from the ground!

/seta in_dgamouse 0

in ET console seems to do it, also when I have console open I can then switch apps (without a minimiser app running) cool!—

That does fix it, but it’s not actually the dgamouse that doesn’t work! Setting as above makes the mouse jumpy and hard to control. All I actually need to do is

/seta in_dgamouse 1

which is strange in that it doesn’t change the dgamouse state – but it fixes things. Also to move between apps and ET I use CTRL-F1 (etc.) to move desktop then I can alt-tab into ET. When ET resumes a new map it grabs the pointer so you have to CTRL-F4 (or whatever) to bring up ET, then open console with “backtick” (next to number 1 key near Q) then you can click on the application bar to choose the app you wanted to switch too … it’s a pain in the butt, but better than not being able to switch.

Enemy Territory cfg (config) files

I’ve now entered

/set in_dgamouse 1

into a otherwise blank file at /installation/directory/enemy-territory/etmain/autoexec.cfg and the fix is now applied on loading.

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