Crocoducks, O RLY?

Date: 09 Apr, 2009
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In: christianity, faith & religion

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A response to a YouTube video (below the fold) in which QualiaSoup attacks a million straw-men and a also handles a few real arguments on evolution. Seriously it’s a great video. My response posted in full here as YouTube only allows 500 characters and I tend to go on a bit.


Near the end you say (paraphrasing) that “life evolves by chance” is a statement only the ignorant or antagonistic would hold to. At the risk of being the focus of your denigration could you explain your beliefs on the origin of genetic mutations?

Outside of the suggestion that their origin is somehow deterministic (eg Newtonian) I can’t see the basis for your assertion?

The proliferation of any given mutation may not be considered _purely_ chance though I’d argue most people would consider the survival, say, through a particular instar of a particular organism to sexual maturity on to successfully transmitting the mutation to the next generation, that this would involve a great deal of “chance”.

Generation of mutations must at least in part be conceded to be based on “chance” (discussion on the meaning of that word can wait!) as electromagnetic radiation, for example, is one cause of induced mutations.

2nd – I’ll keep this one brief. At 5:32+ you give an example of a geographically split population developing into multiple species over time. Then at the end you say that evolution is not about animals changing into other species. Which is it? [Or was this just one of the straw-men that you appear to have scattered throughout, crocoducks, really!?!].

Lastly, can I just say your production standards are extremely high (would be interested to see your production process), very nice presentation, thanks.

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