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28 Jan, 2013

Baby sign experiences

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On a parenting forum I started writing about baby sign and realised I’d got a fair bit to say. Enough to make a blog-post or two. Indeed as I set to it I thought it might even be worth sharing our signs. Here goes for a first instalment. Signing with baby (no not singing, but […]

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31 May, 2012

Apprentice: You’re Hired!

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Did the BBC give up the winner of the UK Apprentice Season 8 early in the previews of the penultimate show?

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Just a list of universities that offer free courses of video-based lectures. University’s video based courses Free Stanford University (, OpenClassroom Carnegie Mellon Michigan Berkeley MIT: OCW, MITworld

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I wanted to be able to see all the websites and review them as a whole so I made this list, some interesting sites there I’d not seen before. Time 50 best websites of 2011 Links all on one page Here are the first links in each category in the Time 50 Best Websites 2011 […]

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25 Mar, 2011

CFCs and Nuclear Power

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Apparently, according to a FoaF’s post today on FB nuclear power produces CFCs (Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons poster child of global warming terror in the 90s). Here’s a little research I did on that claim. Note this is not properly written up, as yet, but simply a record of sources found and my notes along the way. Does […]

St.Davids Day, 1 March 2011, is the national Saints day for Wales. “Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus!” simply transliteraties as “day saint David happy” and is the traditional greeting as you wave your daffodils and wolf down a few dozen welsh cakes. Happy St.Davids Day /Dydd Gwyl Dewi hapus! Saint David’s Day Saint David’s Day St […]


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