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Date: 10 Mar, 2008
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Mentalist book suggestions

Ian Rowland

Whilst perusing Ian Rowlands website I came across a list of book recommendations. I’ve been well in to Derren Brown and his tricks and illusions, and showmanship, fascinate me. Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and all such tricks of the mind intrigue me as a philospher: We trust our minds (usually) to be truthful, if we can not trust our minds then we are lead towards greater skepticism (ie away from a realist view of the world).

Anyway here’s the list with links to buy the books.

Let me take this from the top. The branch of magic and conjuring which deals with “mind-reading”, and tricks with a “psychic” flavour, is called “mentalism”. If you want to learn about mentalism, 95% of everything worth knowing can be found in 15 books.

  1. Thirteen Steps to Mentalism [unavailable] by Tony Corinda: see Penguin Magic for info on the ten steps. Step 1.
  2. Mind, Myth and Magic by T.A. Waters
  3. Practical Mental Magic by Theo Annemann
  4. Theatre of the Mind by Barrie Richardson
  5. Professional Presentations by Al Koran
  6. The Jinx by Theo Annemann (3 bound volumes covering 150 issues of this famous magic magazine)
  7. The Collected Works of George B. Anderson – any compendium or collection of his works and booklets is worth getting
  8. The Bold and Subtle Miracles of Dr. Faust by David Hoy
  9. Psycho-Mancy by David Britland
  10. Pure Effect [unavailable] by Derren Brown
  11. The Mental Mysteries and Other Writings of William W. Larsen, Sr. ed. Bill Larsen
  12. jnr. Paramiracles by Ted Lesley
  13. Stunners Plus by Larry Becker
  14. Psychological Subtleties by Banachek
  15. Dynamic Mysteries by Richard Osterlind

These are in no particular order, except that the Corinda has to come first. Don’t get me wrong – there are many other great books in mentalism. However, the above list is as good as any for the serious student, and provides enough material for a lifetime.

If you want more, I’d say pretty much anything is worth getting if it bears the name Annemann, Banachek, Larry Becker, Ted Lesley or Richard Osterlind.

The above (text only, not links) is an extract with a copyright notice of:

Copyright © Ian Rowland 2003, but may be reporduced provided this attribution is preserved. From www.ianrowland.com, the website of Ian Rowland, The Mind Reader, The Mind Motivator.

The ZZ Girl / Zig-Zag Girl illusion

Robert Harbin came up with this “ZZ Girl” illusion apparently.

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