Windows XP “Security Centre” settings

Date: 01 Jan, 2000
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This is a repost of a past page from my old site. Might be useful for someone … you never can tell. I guess I’m just a serial hoarder!

Hints and Tips for Microsoft Windows XPHere, I’m going to give info about issues I have come across with WinXP and how I solved them …On this page: security centre settings (WinXP SP2) …

Accessing the security centre

First, you’ll need to log on as an administrator. For some this will mean using the Start menu, choosing log off, then from the popup window choosing “switch user” (or in shorthand Start > Log Off : switch user. You will then need to select an administrator account (eg “admin”) from the menu and enter your admin password.

You’ll probably find that the desktop looks different to usual, you are logged inas a different user and so your personal settings for colour scheme and font sizes, etc., don’t apply. In any case go to Start > Control Panel : Security Center. You should get something like this … click the icon that looks like a vertical chevron (>>) and you should see a bit of text appear, with a button that says “Recommendations”, click the button and you get a popup.

The popup has the option to disable reminders, if you’re bothered by windows nagging you to update your antivirus software then you can check this (i.e. put a tick in the box). But do make sure that you update regularly.


For example with AVG, choose “run AVG Anti-virus” from the right-click menu of the tray icon. Then Virus Database : Update : Update Now!

If you get a message about failing to establish an internet connection this means that you need to be logged on as administrator to update your antivirus software.

Do not be tempted to surf the internet or do any non-essential administration when logged in as administrator. Such activity leaves your computer more vunerable to attack from crackers (aka hackers) as admin users can access parts of the computer that normal users can’t.

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