talktalk ethernet ADSL modem/router

Date: 14 May, 2008
Posted by: admin
In: linux, open source & software

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Smart AX MT882 ADSL modemJust taken receipt of a Smart AX MT882 modem from TalkTalk (UK) which will hopefully give us broadband at our studio.

Initial research shows this is an Ethernet (browser based admin at or USB (ditto, model. A manual is available by searching forĀ  SmartAX_MT882_V200R002C01B021_User_Manual.pdf with your favourite search engine or from DriverGuide by having a subscription or viewing ads.

That’s all for now, will add details later if I have any problems installing it. As it has an Ethernet port it should be a breeze compared to previous efforts with USB modems on Linux distros … should be!

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