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Recap of: “KDE4 built-in screencast for desktop recording“. A little while ago I made a post about how to get video screen captures of KDE4 via the built in screencast features of Kwin, well having tried with the “captury” format screen captures a few times and following a tip-off I’ve decided it’s actually infinitely easier […]

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Hmm. I thought that the bar was pretty low for using the internet nowadays. Clearly people no longer need to find the button to switch on the computer … An AOL Living website (they have a blog called ParentDish which I frequent) gives advice on such tricky tasks as cooking marshmallows (“Smores”?) and unpacking a […]

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Well, I thought it would be nice to do some demo’s for using Inkscape. First up though I need to find a decent way to create video screencaps, preferably with audio and notes – though a video editor could be used later with the resulting video. I used Google and Sourceforge to expand my search […]

11 Mar, 2008

J rides his bike

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Our lad J rides his bike for the first time … near-absolute enjoyment. Still not as good as tickles though!

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