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Recap of: “KDE4 built-in screencast for desktop recording“. A little while ago I made a post about how to get video screen captures of KDE4 via the built in screencast features of Kwin, well having tried with the “captury” format screen captures a few times and following a tip-off I’ve decided it’s actually infinitely easier […]

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Hmm. I thought that the bar was pretty low for using the internet nowadays. Clearly people no longer need to find the button to switch on the computer … An AOL Living website (they have a blog called ParentDish which I frequent) gives advice on such tricky tasks as cooking marshmallows (“Smores”?) and unpacking a […]

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Well, I thought it would be nice to do some demo’s for using Inkscape. First up though I need to find a decent way to create video screencaps, preferably with audio and notes – though a video editor could be used later with the resulting video. I used Google and Sourceforge to expand my search […]

11 Mar, 2008

J rides his bike

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Our lad J rides his bike for the first time … near-absolute enjoyment. Still not as good as tickles though!

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So I’ve been checking out YouTube recently and watching some football matches, if you’re looking for goal videos or can’t wait to check out what’s been happening down at your local footystad ium then I’ve got just the place for you! Teams for the 2008-2009 UK Premier League soccer season are (with footystad iums after […]

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