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tool known in Ubuntu as “disk utility”, from the package gnome-disk-utility with command palimpsest, is the best GUI based summary of disk health and partition info I’ve found

Mark Shuttleworth announces the new Ubuntu name for version 11.10 as Oneiric Ocelot, no really. Weird Ubuntu names Oneiric Ocelot: is this the strangest? My opinion is that the oddball names for Ubuntu releases aid greatly as search markers. “10.10” is not a great differentiating search term in computing whilst “maverick” (or indeed “meerkat”) doesn’t […]

Just discovered deborphan and have used it to clean up some cruft from my Kubuntu system, this should work for any .deb based system that uses apt. Removing unwanted packages List packages with no dependencies deborphan -a -n -z | sort -nr Will give you a list sorted by install size (-n) with largest first […]

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Upgrading GRUB in Kubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) to GRUB2 and one solution to an error 15 boot problem. Additional insight and things to watch for if you’re making the same Grub upgrade.

An overview of desktop search option for KDE4. A not quite exhaustive list of the options available. Should work on Ubuntu and other linux distros too.

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Upgrade from Ubuntu Intrepid (actually Kubuntu) to Jaunty Jakelope, 9.04, including screenshots and solutions to errors encountered.

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