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Update to my post reviewing 10 online photoshop style image editing applications:, Aviary, Sumopaint, splashup, pixlr, 72photos and simpler touchup style tools: FotoFlexer,, PicMagick, Picnik. +1 more photoshop like online tools In addition to the tools mentioned in the previous review we now have Pixlr Express which, as the name suggests, is a […]

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My review of CSS image replacement lead me to this CSS image replacement method, JIR, which uses CSS2 :before to insert a replacement image for a header. It allows transparent images, displays a header with CSS and/or image off, uses proper semantic code with no extra elements, presents text to search engines, is easy to do, doesn’t need any assistive technology .. but there’s a nice surprise, and it’s not totally what I expected.


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