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Fixes for the glitches when attempting to run Safari 4 beta over WINE on Linux; information based on WINE HQ post by E A Durbin. Note that I’ve added details beyond what’s there making this a full solution, read on.

Get Apple’s new Safari 4 beta on Linux now .. here’s how.

Fresh from installing Fontmatrix 0.5.0 from SVN and it’s rocking my socks. It ticks nearly all, if not all, the boxes as far as what I need from a font manager. Here are a couple of screenshots (from KDE 4.2 beta on Kubuntu) showing some of the innovative features implemented. [Details on compiling at the end].

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Here’s one you may have pondered, can you pipe ls through less and keep the colours? Well, yes, yes you can and you can even set it up to work just by typing “ls”. Well the answer is in the man pages, from “man ls”:

Updated 2010-10-18. Moving windows with keyboard shortcuts If your mouse is broken or your window has disappeared off-screen or for whatever reason … Windows Alt+Space, M, then use cursor keys, hit Enter to set position. Note that Alt+Space, X will maximise a window to fill the current viewport; useful if your window is completely off […]

I’m trying to edit a small clip from a larger program, add titling and post to YouTube. The clip is a section of TV program called Best of Friends and shows a pottery challenge throwing a pot on the potters wheel at Barefoot Ceramics. Anyway, FOSS linux apps I’m auditioning (at least I think they’re […]

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