Where’s my SVN WordPress plugin repo?

Date: 04 Mar, 2013
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How to locate your SVN repo to [re-]start SVN commits.

SVN repo address

finding Admin section of a plugin in the plugin directory (logged in)

I always lose everything, so as it’s been a while since I updated my WP plugins I’d managed to lose the SVN repository addresses.

If you can’t rememeber what your plugins are called (!) you’ll have to login (make a note of your username and password) to WordPress.org and click on your profile link, your plugins are listed there. From there you can go to the plugin page, eg http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/frame-breaker-removes-digg-bar-owly-bar-facebook-bar-etc/. At this point follow the “admin” link and you can look at the TRAC page for your plugin.

Subversion checkout

The SVN repo can then be checked out by doing:

svn co http://svn.wp-plugins.org/frame-breaker-removes-digg-bar-owly-bar-facebook-bar-etc

Your username and password for wordpress.org are your credentials for the SVN repo too.

Using Netbeans

I’m actually using NetBeans and so I went to Team > Subversion > Checkout… and checked out that way using the above URL and credentials. Netbeans offers to make a project for you with the checked-out data.

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