Roundup: Stay on baby socks (updated)

Date: 10 Oct, 2010
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No matter how hard you try sometimes baby just seems to end up sockless. Nearly every parent has faced the frustration of losing socks leaving your little bundle of joy less than joyful and turning blue around the tootsies. The answer? Well, there are a few … I know this a departure from my usual areas but I felt inspired, hope you do too.

Updated – (1) added Rock-a-Thigh-Baby. (2) note on owner comment.

Stay on baby socks

Sock Ons baby sock retainers in pink and blue

Sock Ons are just one of a range of innovations for preventing baby from losing their socks

It’s one of those inventive fields that gets quite a bit of innovation as new parents attempt to solve the problem of lost socks and icy toes. Winter is fast approaching here in the Northern Hemisphere and so this is coming to the front again. The best options, in no particular order:

  • Toasty Toes : (not affiliated with Toasti Toes RTM) A new addition to the European market, these are baby booties with an in-built sock strap that fastens securely and adjustably around the foot and ankle
  • Baby Sock Locks : (appear to be US only) you choose any sock and match them with a Baby  Sock Lock to ensure baby can’t “helpfully” remove their own socks
  • Stay With Me Socks : (appear to be US only) baby booties that fasten at the back with velcro ensuring a wiggle and pull resistant fit
  • Stay-put Socks : a type of cuff that fits around a regular sock over the narrowest part of the ankle holding the sock in place
  • Sock Ons : are an oversock that hold firmly around the ankle and heel to keep socks on your babies feet
  • Trumpette socks : socks with a high neck that can be rolled down or folded back to give extra staying power, these particular ones come in quite a few natty fashionable styles
  • GAP baby socks (GAP in Europe) : apparently The GAP do some nice socks that with high ankle sections that roll or fold well to stay put on baby’s feet
  • Low cut trainer socks : some parents swear that low cut trainer style socks of any brand (like pop-socks) are the best option
  • Tights : yup, tights; lots of Mums on Mumsnet say that tights are the option to prevent sock loss. I’m sure they’re right but I wonder if I wouldn’t prefer to lose some socks than battle with getting tights on and off
  • Rock-a-Thigh-Baby : thigh high socks that apparently stay up, though I’m highly sceptical [please see comment from RaTB owner] of that claim their Facebook followers seem happy enough.

Please let us know in the comments if you know of more options or if you know of stockists in Europe for US baby-socks and booties and vice versa.

Baby, you can keep your socks on!

So, if you’ve not yet found socks that stay on baby’s feet yet, or you’d like to pre-empt a glut of single lonely socks this coming winter then check out the options here. Most links have sales and stockist information or direct online purchase links on the following page: An idea, Ctrl+LeftMouseClick (or ScrollWheelClick) each link to open in a new tab, check out all the options and then buy the one that looks best for the little darling in your life.


mesh laundry washing bagGet a laundry bag, aka “lingerie bag” (lingerie is French for laundry), to wash your baby’s clothes in. Especially good for socks which might get eaten by the washing machine.

Note, this post may include affiliate links for which I will get a small fraction of the purchase price of products bought after following the link.

6 Responses to "Roundup: Stay on baby socks (updated)"

Hi! Owner of Rock-a-Thigh Baby here. Thanks for the mention. :) Yes, RTB socks DO stay up and stay on! While researching cuffs, I purchased a popular brand of legwarmers and was flabbergasted at how the cuffs roll and twist instantly. And within a few minutes, my baby crawled right out of them! RTB cuffs are wider and designed not to roll and twist or fall down. It took a while to get the cuff design just right. A pet-peeve of mine is when a product doesn’t do what it is advertised to do, so rest assured, RTB socks stay on even the most adept “sock houdini”. Babies can not kick them off, they don’t slip off, and it takes a LOT for a toddler to pull them off. (My nearly 4-year-old has to come to me to help get her socks off. SCORE for mommy! lol)

Amy says:

I own RTB, Rock-A-Thigh Baby’s and LOVE them!!!! They truly do stay up, surprise surprise..I know. But honestly with a baby with fatty thighs they aren’t too tight or too loose OR roll down!! They’re the prefect thickness to wear under pants or dresses in the winter!! Or just layer up!!!

katery says:

i realize this is an older post, but “me in mind” ( makes THE best baby socks, they don’t fall down and they’re the only ones we use. the have a little dot of traction on the inside that keeps them from falling down, they’re the best, i buy them for anyone i know who is having a baby.

Anne says:

I recently came across a great product designed to solve the missing sock issue. It is a company called tucker’d ( They have a pant with socks attached. I love them! The pants are adorable and I never have to worry about my little one pulling off the sock. I don’t think was intended in the design, but the pants stay down even when I am holding my baby on my hip. I love that I don’t have to worry about cold toes or legs.

Sue says:

I love Star Socks. I think they are new to the market. You can buy them on the Facebook page, They worked so well for me, really staying on all day! They were designed by a mom and have some cool features and still look like a normal sock!

[Editor: Given these only came out on Tuesday (according to the FB page) and it’s Wednesday now I’m guessing you’re an owner or friend of the owner. I suggest you be more forthright, I’ve no problem with an owner saying they’ve made a new stay-on sock. Sounds though like the production version of these aren’t really fully field tested yet. Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Once there are images of the production socks available I’ll add them to the list.].

Melody says:

So… These are the first socks that Jasper CANNOT get off! I am so happy that I could dance…. Thanks so much! ♥


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