Removing noise from sermon recordings

Date: 13 May, 2008
Posted by: admin
In: christianity, faith & religion

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I’ve a little note on my desk from last time I had to clean up a dodgy sermon recording. It was a spur of the moment idea to record onto the laptop, little did I know that the laptop had a built in microphone and so recorded not only on the line-in from the mono out (post-mix) of the mixing desk but also the hiss, flutter and buzz of the laptop via it’s own mic.

Here’s what I did in audacity to get a bearable result:

  1.  Noise removal using a “silent” section as the noise sample
  2. Effect > Glame, Low-pass (not butterworth)filter: 4800,  10poles
  3. Dynamic range compress: Threshold -30dB, Ratio 3:1, Attack 6.2
  4. Split new (to section up as “tracks” of a reasonable size to be compressed and emailed)
  5. Export multiple to variable rate MP3

That may not help anyone, but I can chuck that scrap of paper away now.

2 Responses to "Removing noise from sermon recordings"

ben says:

Just wanted to say thanks for these details. I’d been fiddling around all day on much the same problem and your solution is better than any I came up with.

One suggestion – I did a second low pass filter after the dynamic range compression and that seemed to make it even better.

Thanks very much. God Bless.

admin says:

no worries, glad if they helped


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