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Date: 07 Apr, 2010
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A list of tools to create screencasts (screen capture videos) and screen captures as well as some online web page image capture tools and full screen screenshot apps.

No-install screen cast applications

Video of my screen

These apps seem to all use java applets to enable the capture of local screenshots into a video.

Just take a local screen shot? describes how to do it for MS Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, KDE and Gnome.

Online screen capture (still image)?
Amongst many others will take an image of a webpage for you, these tools are not taking images of what you actually see, they are taking images of what their server sees.

Image of what I’m seeing online? – browser addon – browser addon – browser addon, Firefox only; recommends Java no downloads; requires Java – MS Windows only; requires application install; depends on .NET framework – download for MS Win or Mac OSX; snapshot or screen video – “snagit”; MS Win or Mac version

Will take images from your local computer and allow you to edit them online, upload them and send them to your friends or customer support or whoever. These do require installation of either an app or an add-on depending on your browser and OS.

Site owners and web developers

Thumbnail images of websites for website owners (basic service is free) (broken?)

Web developer tools

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