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Date: 22 Jul, 2011
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Some JavaScript resources, in particular JavaScript videos and interactive coding tutorials. Also listing the most popular books and online references as reported by developers.

Learning JavaScript

Interactive code writing lessons

  • Eloquent JavaScript, an online resource for which there is also a printed book (UK book link).
  • Learning Advanced Javascript from John Resig, part of the book “Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja” [pre-order].
    Goal: To be able to understand this function: The .bind method from Prototype.js
  • Nathan’s JS Lessons from Nathan Whitehead an NVIDIA developer. A really well set out interactive approach of learning by doing.
    Ever wonder what closures are and how they work? You can learn about this advanced programming concept right now through interactive lessons in JavaScript.

Other books

  • JavaScript the Good Parts by Douglas Crockford, a legend in Javascript-ing circles particularly for his work at Yahoo! and in popularising JSON.
  • JavaScript: The Definitive Guide: Activate Your Web Pages (2011) by David Flanagan, updated from the original 2001 and 2006 texts by the same author.
  • PPK on JavaScript (2006) by Peter-Paul Koch, he has a lot of useful information, particularly on the DOM, on his Quirksmode website too. One page of interest could be his JavaScript links page with the URLs from the book.
  • Test-Driven JavaScript Development by Christian Johansen.
    “Most of all, you’ll see that it’s very feasible to develop real grown-up software using a true test-driven-DESIGN approach using javascript. You’ll also get the benefit of being walked through a load of deep, hands-on practical examples covering both server-side JS, client-side DOM-based JS.” from Amazon reviewer P. Hodgson.
  • jQuery Fundamentals, I know that’s not strictly JavaScript but one often leads to the other and this is a Creative Commons licensed book (BY-SA) available from GitHub authored by Rebecca Murphy.

Advanced material

Javascript video tutorials

  • Crockford on JavaScript, a series of five videos the first being more of a review of programming. These videos are streaming from the “YUI Theater” but can be downloaded in HD or iPhone/iPad (m4v) versions.
  • .appendTo’s “JavaScript 101” course leads on to a series (102, 103, …) that focuses towards jQuery and DOM as you progress.
  •’s JavaScript videos, over 30 hours of video tutorials, latest are from 2010 on Prototype and Scriptaculous.

Online references


  • gives information on User Groups (JUG) and conferences around the world, with an interactive map.


Don’t Use!

Some resources were modded/voted down by coders as being not useful or teaching poor technique. One in particular stand out:

Of course, your mileage might vary.



Suggestions taken primarily from HackerNews and Stackoverflow threads.


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