IBM Thinkpad 755CX, an old old laptop

Date: 01 Jan, 2000
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Reposting of a page giving the specifications for the IBM Thinkpad 755CX.

Technical info for TP 755cx

The following table is a near verbatim copy (now tidied) of the information provided at

This info was found via Scott Kammerzell’s page []

Technical Details
ll A/C adapter:
Worldwide A/C compatibility:
Carrying case:
Port replicator:
Docking station: Optional

ll Bus type/architecture:
Slots x bays total (free):
Expansion bus type:
PCMCIA support:

l Audio chipset make & model:
Audio data width:
External speakers:
Number of integrated speakers:
Speaker power rating:
Fax/modem speeds:
Communications features:
Infrared port speed:
l Network card:
Network interface:
ll Network speed:
Network features:
ll Screen max resolution:
Screen type description:
Viewable image size (diagonal):
Contrast ratio:
Screen illumination:
Max resolution on built-in screen:
Max colors or grey shades:
External display supported:
Max resolution on external display:
Simultaneous external display:

Expansion Options
l Slots total (free) and type:
3.5″ bays- accessible (free) and height:
– not accessible (free) and height:
– not accessible (free) and height:
l Plug and play support:
Parallel ports (type):
Serial ports (type):
Expansion ports:

Graphics Subsystem
l Graphics chipset:
l Graphics type:
Graphics data width:
Video RAM std/max:
Video RAM type:
Max resolution (with std video RAM):
Max resolution (with max video RAM):
Max colors (with std video RAM):
Max colors (with max video RAM):
Graphics bus interface:
Graphics features:

Hard Disk
l Number of installed hard disks:
l Hard disk size1:
Hard disk type:
Total possible device types:
Hard disk controller:
Hard disk average seek time:
Average latency:
Additional storage features:
Hot swappable drive bays:
Optional hard disk available :

l Memory (RAM) std/max:
RAM speed:
Optional RAM configuration:
RAM type:
RAM slots total (available):

lll CD-ROM speed:8
CD-ROM interface type:
CD-ROM data transfer rate:
CD-ROM average access time:
CD-ROM transport type:
DVD Speed:
Audio features:
Multimedia features:

Power Management 5
ll Power supply:
Power supply type:
Power consumption – operating :
Power consumption – idle :
Power supply additional:
Battery life – min/max:
Battery type(s):
Charge time – on/off:
Heat emissions:
Sound emissions:
Sound emissions – operating:
Sound emissions – idle:
Cooling system:
Power management features4: Advanced Power Management supportBattery GaugeEPA Energy Star compliantHibernation mode

Non-disruptive battery exchange

Standby mode

Energy Efficiency:

l Processor (CPU):
Processor internal clock speed2:
Front Side Bus:
Processor manufacturer:
Math co-processor:
L1 internal CPU cache:
L2 internal CPU cache:
L2 external CPU cache std/max:
L2 external CPU cache type:
Upgradable processor:
Processor upgrade options:
Processor upgrade method:
BIOS type:
Number of processors std/max:
SMP capable (multiple processors):
Multi-processor bus (slots/speed):
L3 cache:

AssetCare features:
llll Security features: Hard disk lockHard disk drive passwordHardware security loopKeyboard lock

Locking device keyhole (cable lock)

PC Card lock

Power on password

VPD support:

l Tested operating systems:
ll Operating system provided:
Communication/networking applications:
Device drivers/utilities:
Multimedia applications:
Productivity applications:
Other applications provided:
Preloaded applications:

Standard Features
ll Pointing device type:
Standard diskette size:
Optional diskette size:
Diskette drive configuration:
Keyboard type standard:
Keyboard type(s) selectable:
Numeric keypad:
I20 Ready:
Product approvals/certifications4:

Warranty 3
l Limited Warranty period and type:

Weight & Dimensions 6
l Weight:
Travel weight:
Height with stand:
Width with stand:
Operating Temperature (C) (low; high):
Relative Humidity (%) (low; high):

l Recommendation:

+Important Legal Information

Technical Details

·Hard Disk ·Standard Features·Architecture





·Weights & Dimensions
·Power Management




·Component Parts

·Expansion Options


·Graphics Subsystems


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