Howto: Stretch audio up to 1billion times

Date: 18 Aug, 2010
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Please see my previous post on installing software and stretching audio up to a billion times. Summary below.

PaulStretch 101

Easy how to on music track stretching

  • Download and install PaulStretch-2.0 software, it runs on MacOSX, Windows and Linux (via WINE).
  • Run the application and choose a track via File > Open
  • Click play, wait and listen.
  • [Optional] Hit the “Write to file” tab and then click “Render selection…”. Choose your filename and output format (Ogg/MP3/WAV).

If you want to show off your new rendering of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang slowed down a million times, or whatever music you’re into, then SoundCloud is as good a place as any to share it.

Billie Piper “Walk of Life”, 8x stretch, 5mins by musicalicious

This was my first effort to stretch a music track following the howto of that post and using Audacity to truncate it.

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lard_pwn says:

There’s a reddit dedicated to this…


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