How the heck do trackbacks work?

Date: 19 Mar, 2008
Posted by: admin
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I keep reading bits-and-bobs about trackbacks. When I came across one on the WordPress pages I thought, at last chance to try them out. I read the Glossary at WordPress Codex, I read the Wikipedia pages, I read a few intros on Google. I couldn’t work out how it worked.

The key bit that was missing was how the link gets created in the first place, little did I know that there’s a “Trackbacks” section in the WordPress administractors “Write” pane. Suddenly everything is a whole lot clearer. The best reference I found was probably this Sixapart docs page although their main trackback intro page was down. I would need to fish into the WordPress code a bit to see what WP does with this trackback URL, but I’ll save that for some other day I think.

So this post is supposed to be about WordPress hoodies, but hey, can’t win them all.

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